Pole Vault

DC Athletics is a privately owned outdoor pole vaulting facility built to accommodate a variety of jumpers from beginners to elite, collegiate and USA Masters. 

  The outdoor facility is equipped with high school standard mats, 120' of runway, pulley system, hurdles for mobility, and an array of gymnastic type of equipment for drills.   

  DC athletics uses a wide range of drills and equipment to help accommodate each individual and pin point all weaknesses



Each athlete will be placed in groups. 

Group 1:  will include beginners/ intermediate with a PR at 10'6" or lower this past season .

Group 2: will include advanced/ collegiate vaulters with a PR above 11' this past season. 

Vault nights: Tuesdays and Thursdays

  • Group 1: 5-6:30pm

  • Group 2: 6:30-8pm

Membership Fee

  • Sign up fee: 1x only

  • Contract lasts 1 year

  • Cost: $70

    • Membership includes: AAU insurance and liability, and t-shirt.

    • Nike DCPV Club uniform tops available; $50. *Must be worn if attending meets with the club. (see design below)

Payment Packages

  • Monthly Rate

  1. Includes: 2x a week sessions ( sessions can not be made up if missed)

  2. Cost: $250

  3. Sibling add on cost: $150 (saving of $100)

Punch Pass 12 Sessions

  1. Used within 90 days of purchase

  2. Cost:$425

Punch Pass 8 Sessions

  1. Used within 90 days of purchase

  2. Cost: $300

Punch Pass 4 Sessions

  1. Used within 90 days of purchase

  2. Cost: $150

Individual Session

  1. Cost: $40

Post HS fee:Contact Coach Cullison

  1. This is decreased for those athletes wanting to still jump for fun, train for college athletics, or stay involved.


Looking for 1-1 training sessions please call, email, or text coach Cullison 317-850-3144

***Must complete all the following below before 1st session!***


Sign and print waiver




DCPV uniform.jpg

Nike Club Uniforms

*Must be worn at all summer meets. Available upon request.