DC-Athletics was established in 2011 by head Coach Derek Cullison. He graduated from Danville High School and furthered his track and field career where he was recruited by Purdue University for pole vaulting. After his 4 years as a Purdue athlete Derek decided it was time to further his career in strength and conditioning as well as track and field. 

    He graduated with a Bachelor in Science with a degree in Health and Kinesiology. Derek coaches for Carmel High School, where he has helped lead the boys team to 3 state titles, 2015,2016,2017. In 2017 coach Cullison was able to help stand out athlete Ryan Lipe (now at Alabama) win back to back state championships in the pole vault with heights of 17' Junior yr, and 17'3" senior year. That same year Mitch Lipe got 4th place while Junior Kara Deady (now at IU) got 2nd place, what a weekend Carmel PV had. He also coached at Lawrence Central where he helped lead five individuals to state qualifications and helped develop one of the female vaulter’s into a National pole vault Champion in June of 2012, with head coach Tim Richey. Derek coached for Marian University as of November 2013. He has helped lead the team to its first Mens Crossroads Conference Championship in over 6 years, April 2014.

    Derek has run pole vault camps and clinics with current Lawrence Centrals head coach Tim Richey since January 2008. Among his passion for the pole vault Derek is dedicated to the science of strength and conditioning. With a certification in Olympic Weight lifting, USAW level one coach, Derek furthers his education by attending clinics and networking with other coaches from the area in pole vault, speed and strength. Currently the Head Strength and Conditioning Coordinator for Eastern Hancock Schools.

   Coach Cullison has over ten years of vault experience from high school to collegiate level. Derek was a 2 time Indiana State qualifier, middle school and high school record holder, 10’11” MS/ 15’6” HS, and a 4 year varsity athlete at Purdue University with a personal best of 5M (16’4”).



DC-Athletics is based on a functional design, to teach athletes how to control their body and move through correct patterns related to their sport. By working on running mechanics over cones, hurdles, and with resistance, helps all of our vaulters develop proper speed and power to become the best they can be. DC-Athletics also hosts meets, camps, and group training sessions (5:1 athlete to coach ratio).